Red Spot Design Studio provides provides profession, personalized website design. Unlike with some other webdesign vendors, when you get your website designed by Red Spot, it won't look like it was automatically pre-created in a template. The reason for this is that we give your site a personalized touch filled with your own graphics and style, created just for you, so that you can best reach your target demographic audience. In short, your website won't look like you purchased it cheap through a template auto-system because when you use Red Spot's services, you won't.

We can create a website from scratch or work to rebuild an existing design. Oftentimes our clients require more than just simple web design when they need to create a webpage, and this is where Red Spot will give you so much more than other vendors. Whether you simply need your current site updated for the 21st century, a simple website built, or a amazing website utilizing all of our services, we are more than happy to accomidate your needs.

Website Design

This is where we do the html coding and photoshop process to make our clients website vision come to life. We work with our clients to create a website that suits their needs, desires, and stylistic preference. There is much more to creating a website than putting words online and we help help our clients by making their site visually appealing, easily accessible, and smooth to navigate. We help clients each step of the way from the beginning process of choosing a web domain, to choosing a web-layout style, to figuring out what kind of content pages would best suit their needs, to finally putting out a completed project. We make website creation as painless for the client as possibe.

Content Creation

Do you need content in your webpages? The biggest factor causing webpages too look unprofessional is when someone clicks on one of the links on your webpage such as "about us," "contact us," "upcoming events," "new products," or "company history" and the viewer is greeted with an empty page devoid of content. At Red Spot, we are able to professionally write any content pages that you require and do so in an appealing way for web display.

Translation Services

Some of our clients wish to have an English webpage, but do not speak English themselves. If that is the case, we are able to accept your content pages in your native language and we will find an intrepreter to help us translate and write your desired content in proper, concise English. Please contact us for this service if you are interested so that we can ensure that we will be able to accomidate your native language.


When people use stock graphics on their website to represent their staff, customers, or special events, it is obvious to the viewer and makes the organization look less professional. At Red Spot, we are able to provide professional photography services in the southern Californian area to take pictures of our client's staff, Board of Directors, retail location (inside and out), and special events. Photography makes your business or organization stand out and gives website viewers confidence that you are legitimate.

Logo Design

All businesses and organization online should have some sort of logo in place. Without a logo, an organization online will have a harder time forming an identity and create legitimacy in their webviewer's eye. Some of our clients are businesses that have been around a long time in the retail market, but are just getting their foothold on their online market, and we are able all clients with logo-creation services to help their website get that extra professional punch.

Search Engine Optimization

Here's a little experiement. Go to and type in "screen doors" (or whatever product you wish for that matter). If your in the market for screen doors, chances are you will be looking at the first few sites that are listed. But how does google or yahoo or any search engine choose what sites come first? Is it whose most popular or who sells the most units? No, its simply who pays the fees to google. Red Spot will help clients interested in getting their website the maximum exposure through,, twitter, and facebook.


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